Adadao Weekly Technical Update #39

2 min readMar 16, 2023

Below is a summary of the key components that our team has been diligently working on this week in relation to the development of Testnet V2.0.

Our team has made significant strides in enhancing and developing the functionality and performance of the Testnet V2.0. We have focused on several critical components to ensure that the platform meets the highest standards of reliability and usability.

We are excited to share with you the latest updates on the progress of Testnet V2.0, which include significant enhancements in areas such as scalability, security, and overall user experience.

In summary, the snapshot of components that we worked on this week represents our continued commitment to excellence in the development of Testnet V2.0. Our team remains dedicated to providing a top-of-the-line platform that meets the needs and expectations of our users.

  1. Borrowing service (off-chain & on-chain)
    - Added onSuccess/onError functions to closeVault endpoint.

2. Management service
- Completed moving Management scripts to Plutarch-based onchain project.

Currently working on startProtocol offchain endpoint.

3. Individual receipt service
- Completed adding receipt on-chain code.

Currently working on adding calculation formula.

4. Liquidation service
- Tried different structures for LiquidtionParams to easy calculate rewards.

5. Common tasks
- Tested plutus-starter PR with 1.1 version.

6. Front-end. Light wallets version
- Connected CloseVault endpoints.

7. Simple Oracle
- Made Simple Oracle validator.

Currently working on StartOracle offchain.




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