Adadao Weekly Technical Update #41

2 min readApr 1, 2023

We are pleased to present our weekly progress report on Testnet V2.0. Our team has made noteworthy and consistent advancements in the development of the protocol. As part of our meticulous approach, we have commenced individual protocol component testing and front end integration to ensure robustness and reliability.

We remain committed to sharing further updates with our stakeholders as we continue our journey to build a cutting-edge Stablecoin protocol on Cardano. Thank you for your continued interest in our work.

1. Borrowing service (off-chain & on-chain)
- Added repayDebt, withdrawCollateral endpoints.
- Refactored updateVault endpoints.
- Fixed depositCollateral validator.

2. Individual receipt service
- Completed DepositAusd endpoint and successfully tested it in testnet.
- Added draft getReceiptInfo endpoint without calculations.

Currently working on calculations for Individual Receipt service.

3. Liquidation service & StabilityPool Service
- Made structures for Liquidation Datum.
- Completed structures for StabilityPool offchain.

4. Simple oracle
Currently working on update oracle with new version of PAB.

5. Common tasks
- Started adadao-pab project for automated contracts (with plutus-apps v1.1.0), tried to update it to (v1.2.0).
- Updated nix to v1.2.0 for adadao-pab.
- Tested cabal in nix with v1.2.0 version for adadao-pab.

Currently working on integration of the application parts made in Plutarch with ctl and PAB.

6. Front-end & Light wallets version
-Connected deposit, withdraw, repay debt and borrow endpoints.
- Connected deposit AUSD endpoint.
-Added AUSD balance.
-Made layout edits.

Currently adding logic for wallet connect decline.