Adadao Weekly Technical Update #47

2 min readAug 22, 2023


We hope this update finds you all in good spirits. As we continue to drive progress in our technical endeavors, I am pleased to share the latest developments and achievements from the past week.


  1. PSM Proposal Request Enhancement:
  • Successfully conducted testing and addressed issues in the PSM proposal request system, ensuring its reliability and functionality.

2. Enhanced Data Validation for Proposals:

  • Implemented offchain proposal data validation, reinforcing the integrity and accuracy of proposal-related information.

3. Initiator Verification Implementation:

  • Established an onchain initiator verification process, enhancing security by ensuring that only authorized entities can initiate proposals.

4. Introduction of ProposalToken Policy:

  • Incorporated a ProposalToken policy and integrated it into the CreateProposal function, contributing to a more controlled proposal creation process.

5. Inclusion of proposalInfo:

  • Added comprehensive proposalInfo, providing a detailed overview of proposals and their associated data.

6. Completion and Testing of Vote Contract:

  • Successfully finalized the vote contract, rigorously tested its functionality, and resolved any identified issues.

7. Migration of mintTestAdao Contract:

  • Transferred the mintTestAdao contract’s execution to Nami, optimizing its operational efficiency and integration.

8. Ongoing Testing of Voting Duration Checks:

  • Currently engaged in thorough testing of voting duration checks, ensuring that time-based aspects of the voting process align with the intended parameters.

9. Upcoming: Application of Voting Results:

  • The next phase involves applying the outcomes of the voting process to the protocol configuration, translating community decisions into actionable protocol adjustments.

As of now, the governance update process has made significant strides in bolstering proposal reliability, security, and transparency. The team remains committed to ensuring a seamless integration of voting results into the protocol’s operational framework.

At ADADAO, we remain committed to delivering top-notch protocol and consistently strive for excellence. We greatly appreciate the support and dedication of our team, who tirelessly contribute to these achievements.

Thank you for following our progress, and if you have any questions or suggestions, we would love to hear from you. Stay tuned for more exciting updates in the coming week.