Adadao Weekly Technical Update#48

2 min readJan 11, 2024


Dear Community members,

We trust this communication finds you in good health and high spirits. Encouraged by improved market conditions and hence better financial availability, we are pleased to announce the resumption of our development efforts at Adadao. Our dedicated team is unwavering in its commitment to delivering the mainnet at the earliest opportunity.

In the pursuit of technical excellence, we are excited to share the latest developments and achievements from the past week, showcasing our ongoing progress.

Common Tasks:

1. Improved App Startup:

  • Implemented enhancements in app startup, utilizing a node+ogmios+kupo docker compose setup for seamless functionality.
  • Ensured synchronized node operation for enhanced performance.

2. Code Review and Merging:

  • Thoroughly reviewed and successfully merged borrowing and receipt reference scripts for optimized codebase integrity.

3. Functionality Testing:

  • Conducted extensive testing of all functionalities to validate the system’s proper operation and identify any potential issues.

4. Automation Script:

  • Implemented an automation script for the automatic copying of addresses to the frontend environment, streamlining processes.

5. Project Setup Assistance:

  • Provided valuable assistance in setting up the project for a new frontend developer, ensuring a smooth onboarding process.


  1. Proposal Enhancements:
  • Introduced crucial elements such as duration, “processed” flag, and fee cost for proposals to enhance governance functionalities.
  • Resolved the “Impossible to get governance datum” error, ensuring seamless operations.

2. Ongoing Work:

  • Currently engaged in refining the proposal processing mechanism for more efficient governance procedures.


  1. Local Project Deployment:
  • Successfully deployed the project locally on the frontend, marking a significant milestone in the development process.

At ADADAO, we remain committed to delivering top-notch protocol and consistently strive for excellence. We greatly appreciate the support and dedication of our team, who tirelessly contribute to these achievements.

Thank you for following our progress, and if you have any questions or suggestions, we would love to hear from you. Stay tuned for more exciting updates in the coming week.