ADADAO Weekly Technical Update#49

2 min readJan 19, 2024

Dear Community members,

We trust this communication finds you in good health and high spirits. Encouraged by improved market conditions and hence better financial availability, we are pleased to announce the resumption of our development efforts at Adadao. Our dedicated team is unwavering in its commitment to delivering the mainnet at the earliest opportunity.

In the pursuit of technical excellence, we are excited to share the latest developments and achievements from the past week, showcasing our ongoing progress.


  1. Reject Proposal Contract Addition:
  • Implemented a reject proposal contract to bolster the governance framework.
  • This addition provides users with the ability to reject proposed changes, adding an extra layer of control and transparency.

2. Validator Optimization and Testing:

  • Conducted rigorous testing on reject proposals and optimized validators for improved performance.
  • This ensures that the governance system operates seamlessly, providing a robust mechanism for proposal evaluation and validation.

3. All Proposals List and User’s Proposals Information Contracts:

  • Introduced comprehensive contracts to display a consolidated list of all proposals.
  • Users now have access to a personalized list showcasing their submitted proposals, enhancing visibility and accountability in the governance process.


  1. Standard Swap Form for Stable Tokens:
  • Implemented a standardized swap form specifically tailored for stable tokens.
  • This addition simplifies the token swapping process, providing users with a seamless and user-friendly interface for stable token transactions.

These updates collectively contribute to a more refined and user-centric platform. By focusing on governance transparency and front-end ease of use, we aim to elevate the overall experience for our users. Stay tuned for more innovations as we continue to evolve and optimize our platform for your benefit.