Adadao Weekly Technical Update#56

2 min readMar 21, 2024

In our ongoing efforts to optimize platform functionality, we are pleased to introduce several noteworthy enhancements to the frontend and common tasks. These updates are designed to improve governance and staking processes while ensuring operational efficiency and reliability. Here’s a concise overview of the latest developments:


  1. Governance and Staking Positions:
  • Implemented the addition of new configuration parameters, including pcProposalCost, pcQuorum, and pcVotingDuration, to enhance governance functionality and streamline staking positions.

2. Voting Token Update:

  • Transitioned voting token to staked ADAO, aligning with best practices and ensuring a more robust and secure governance system.

Common Tasks:

  1. Proposal Processing Fix:
  • Resolved issues with proposal processing that arose after the migration code was added, ensuring seamless functionality and preventing disruptions to governance procedures.

2. Votes in ProposalInfo Fix:

  • Addressed issues related to votes in ProposalInfo, enhancing accuracy and reliability in tracking voting data associated with proposals.

3. Testnet Server Setup and Offchain Deployment:

  • Established a testnet server and deployed offchain functionality on the testnet server, facilitating thorough testing and validation of system changes before deployment to the mainnet.

These updates underscore our commitment to continuous improvement and excellence. By prioritizing frontend enhancements and addressing common tasks efficiently, we aim to provide users with a seamless and secure experience while navigating governance and staking processes. Stay tuned for further updates as we continue to refine and optimize platform functionality.