Adadao Weekly Technical Update#57

2 min readMar 31, 2024


In our commitment to state of the art product, we’re pleased to announce significant advancements across script migration, AUSD integration, and common task optimization. These updates are aimed at enhancing platform functionality, ensuring compliance, and streamlining operational processes. Here’s a detailed overview of the latest developments:

Script Migration:

  1. Staking Pool Script Migration:
  • Completed the migration of the staking pool script, ensuring seamless functionality and operational integrity.

2. Vault Script Migration:

  • Successfully migrated the vault script, optimizing security and reliability in managing user assets.

AUSD Integration:

  1. AUSD Migration with Burn Policy:
  • Integrated AUSD migration with a burn policy for exchanges to AUSDv2, exclusively on-chain. This addition enhances protocol robustness and fallback measures in case of protocol shutdown and aligns with industry best practices.

Common Tasks:

  1. Add Manager Wallet Address to Protocol Config File:
  • Implemented the addition of the manager wallet address to the protocol config file, enabling efficient balance top-ups and ensuring smooth protocol operations.

2. Protocol Refactoring:

  • Streamlined the protocol by removing managerPkh and automatedManagerPkh from Datum, enhancing clarity and efficiency in protocol management.

Frontend Enhancements:

  1. Voting with ADAO Tokens:
  • Enhanced frontend functionality to include the capability to vote with ADAO tokens.

These updates underscore our commitment to innovation, compliance, and operational excellence. By prioritizing script migration, AUSD integration, and common task optimization, we aim to provide users with a robust and seamless experience while navigating the platform. Stay tuned for further updates as we continue to refine and optimize platform functionality.