AMA (Kick — Adadao)

6 min readJan 25, 2022

Q- Why do you launch your project on cardano blockchain when we have other blockchains out there?
Ans- Cardano is one of the most secure with clean architecture and it is thoroughly tested. This blockchain is pioneered and worked upon by great tech leaders and scientists doing tireless research on Cardano which gives it a upper hand over other blockchains.

Q- Q for the ADADAO team: How will you structure sub-DAOs of ADADAO and could you list risk parameters for your vaults? Thank you

Ans- The Key Risk Parameters for ADADAO Vaults are:
Debt Ceiling : The maximum amount of debt that can be created by a single collateral type is referred to as the debt ceiling. ADADAO Governance gives a Debt Ceiling to each collateral type, which is intended to guarantee that the ADADAO Protocol collateral portfolio is sufficiently diverse. Once a collateral type’s Debt Ceiling has been reached, it’s no longer feasible to establish new debt unless some existing users pay off all or part of their Vault debt.
The Stability Fee : It is a one-time fee levied when a collateralized vault is created. It is a fixed percentage of the amount if AUSD taken out from the system. It is not time dependent. Liquidation ratio: ADADAO Governance expects low price volatility of the collateral if the Liquidation Ratio is low; if the Liquidation Ratio is large, ADADAO Governance expects considerable volatility.
Liquidation Penalty : fee added to a Vault’s total outstanding generated AUSD when a Liquidation occurs, is known as liquidation penalty
Collateral Auction Duration : ADADAO Vaults have a limit on how long Collateral auctions can last. The durations of the debt and surplus auctions are global system parameters.
Auction Bid Duration : The amount of time until a single bid expires and the auction concludes.
Auction Step Size : This Risk Parameter was created to encourage early bidders in auctions while also preventing abuse by bidding a little amount higher than the current bid

Q- Hi admin,

Kindly explain what you meant by collateral auctions I find it had to understand? What are the pros and cons of it?

Ans- The ADADAO Protocol’s auction procedures allow the system to liquidate Vaults even when price data for the collateral is unavailable. The ADADAO Protocol takes the liquidated Vault collateral and sells it via an internal market-based auction process at the point of liquidation. This process is known as Collateral Auction.

What rights do I have as ADAO holder and are you having capital for development or are you relying on VC?, tell us more about the team, professions?
ADAO holders have the option to vote on the following:
Add a new collateral asset type with a unique set of Risk Parameters.
Change the Risk Parameters of one or more existing collateral asset types, or add new Risk Parameters to one or more existing collateral asset types.
Choose the set of Oracle Feeds.
Choose the set of Emergency Oracles.
Trigger Emergency Shutdown.
Upgrade the system.

They will also be able to get a share of the earnings made by the protocol.
Q- Auditing a smart contract in cryptospace has being a mainstay to increase security and trust by investors. When are you planning of auditing your #adado project and by who?
Ans- Our audit partners will be announced soon. Also, we are working with Metalamp which is an IOHK endorsed development agency for Cardano

Q- Earn AUSD through Collateralized Vault,” your website promises. Why did ADADAO choose AUSD as a form of payment instead than $ADAO? What was the driving force behind your decision to attend AUSD? Could you please explain the $ADAO token’s functionality and how to utilize it properly?
Ans- ADAO is the governance token in the adadao ecosystem. AUSD is the token which is pegged to usd and as such it is a stablecoin. Governance tokens gives many powers to the holders and make them a stakeholder in the DAO. Price and value of ADAO tokens will keep fluctuating while AUSD will remain fixed at 1 usd.

Q- Q for Adadao team : what difference do you take advantage than competitors?
Ans- We are based on Cardano.
We are fully collateralized through on chain assets
We have an interest free model which allows retaining the stablecoins as long as one wishes and is ready to maintain the collateral ratio.

Q- How long will ADADAO be able to keep interest rate 0 ?
Ans- Forever

Q- In your website you stated that you are a protocol on Cardano blockchain which facilitates creation of fully collateralized stable coins, what notable projects do you have under you, that has security and the pace in the DeFi protocol in Cardano ecosystem.
Ans- I am founder of apart from adadao and enjoy a good reputation in the cardano ecosystem.

Q- Hey there,
I am curious on this pls regarding this amazing project of yours
What do you think #adadao governance will look like after the launch?
Are you afraid that governance decisions can be manipulated by a few whales in near future? What are your plans to avoid it from happening from your retail/low income investors?
Ans- Governance decisions are going to be subjected to an emergency DAO which will evaluate it before implementation and may choose to send it back for reconsideration , in case it thinks so.
As far as the governance evolution is concerned, it will be a gradual process where the team will keep offloading some of its tasks to the DAO in a gradual manner with enough checks in place to keep it safe

Q- Hi admin
What are your plans to keep the momentum going during bearish months when it comes since it has proven inevitable in cryptospace. Are you gotta dump the project, if no, what are your plans to keep the community and $adadao ecosystem afloat?

Ans- The momentum is defined by :
1. Keeping the marketing live
2. Keeping the development on
In a very bearish market, we will keep the development live and keep it ongoing and when markets stabilize, will put the pedal on marketing to bear the results.

Marketing is a central element for every project, so that everyone knows the potential that a project can bring is vital to achieve the goals set. What is #kick strategy to attract new users and Investor to your project and keep them long term?

Ans- We have planned extensive marketing for adadao. Adadao will feature in 20+ youtube videos with top crypto influencers before launch.
Adadao will feature in all top crypto media outlet and this has already been started, apart from that we are working with multiple twitter and telegram KOLs and keep watching our
twitter for upcoming announcements regarding this
We are also working with KICK marketing team for various marketing campaign including PRs and banner ads and influencer marketing.

We understand that marketing is very key component of crypto projects and many projects dies because of lack of marketing so for
this reason we have chosen Kryptonite as our marketing partner to launch extensive and long term marketing campaign and get ADADAO known to larger audience.

Q- Are you planning of reaching other non English channels to increase visibility of your project like china etc and again when do you plan to list on CEX and Dex out there for more visibility sir
Ans- The team is based out of South East Asia and has a very good understanding of the Asia region. We will have dedicated groups in vernacular languages to make the protocol accessible to everyone. At the same time, we plan to roll out youtube videos in vernacular languages. Chinese, Vietnamese, Indonesia, Korean, Turkish, Arabic, Russian , spanish and portuguese groups will be made live soon and also videos will come on youtube in these languages.