Blockcast X AdaDao- Ask Me Anything

8 min readJan 1, 2022


1) Hello ADADAO, can you tell us about your team, as well as experience in the cryptocurrency market?

ADADAO team comprises of the following individuals :

Obaid Ul Ahad — CEO — Serial Entrepreneur. Founder of . Ex Spinny, Ex Founder Zafraa.

Murshid Alam : CTO — Ex TCS, Ex IBM , Blockchain developer

Ekterina B. — Developer — Haskell Developer, Metalamp

Olga K. : Developer — Cardano developer , Metalamp

Mr Rizwan Khan : Haskell Developer

Md Danish Alam : Community Manager

2) What is ADADAO about? Share with us your unique selling points. For users that might not have heard about it before, can you explain DAO to our listeners?

ADADAO is a stablecoin protocol built on Cardano. ADADAO is a DeFi protocol on Cardano blockchain which facilitates creation of fully collateralized stable coins leveraging Native Cardano Assets. The ADADAO Protocol allows users to earn AUSD by placing collateral assets into ADADAO Vaults. Every AUSD in circulation is directly backed by extra collateral, which means that the collateral is worth more than the AUSD loan, and all AUSD transactions are visible on the Cardano blockchain.

DAO stands for Decentralized Autonomous Organization. A decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) is an entity with no central leadership. Decisions get made from the bottom-up, governed by a community organized around a specific set of rules enforced on a blockchain. a DAO is an organization where decisions get made from the bottom-up; a collective of members owns the organization. There are various ways to participate in a DAO, usually through the ownership of a token.

DAOs operate using smart contracts, which are essentially chunks of code that automatically execute whenever a set of criteria are met. Smart contracts are deployed on numerous blockchains nowadays, though Ethereum was the first to use them.

These smart contracts establish the DAO’s rules. Those with a stake in a DAO then get voting rights and may influence how the organization operates by deciding on or creating new governance proposals.

This model prevents DAOs from being spammed with proposals: A proposal will only pass once the majority of stakeholders approve it. How that majority is determined varies from DAO to DAO and is specified in the smart contracts.

DAOs are fully autonomous and transparent. As they are built on open-source blockchains, anyone can view their code. Anyone can also audit their built-in treasuries, as the blockchain records all financial transactions.

3) Can you tell us about ADADAO vaults and how it benefits your user base when placing tokens there?

ADADAO Vaults are the repositories that are used to secure loan collateral. Assets that are accepted as collateral can be leveraged to mint ADADAO Stablecoins using smart contracts triggered through the ADADAO Vaults.

Users are able to generate stablecoins while also preserving their investments in ADA. This helps them to generate liquidity out of assets they are holding.

You do have a liquidation level on the vaults, can you tell our listeners about this and how in the end this helps the Ecosystem?

As AUSD is a fully collateralized stablecoin, we need to make sure that collateralization is always maintained. In case of market volatility, sometimes the value of the collateral may fall below the required minimum level (the Liquidation Ratio),

Users interact directly with Vaults and the ADADAO Protocol, and each user has total and independent control over their placed collateral as long as the value of the collateral does not fall below the required minimum level (the Liquidation Ratio).

If the collateral value (in USD) goes too low, the vault is automatically liquidated. Then the Protocol auctions off a portion of the collateral to cover the outstanding debt plus the Liquidation penalty and the protocol also then burns AUSD to deplete the supply.

The collateral that is left over is given to the vault owner.
Liquidations make sure that AUSD is always over collateralized asset.

4) What does your marketing plan look like?

Cardence has taken the responsibility of all our marketing activities. It has hired Kryptonites as its marketing partner to do the job for AdaDao. We have also partnered with many Youtubers, Telegram influencers and at the same time we will be doing multiple IDOs in order to be able to get their communities onboard. It is going to be exciting.

5) What is your technology and product roadmap like?

Technology Stack to be used in the development are :

  1. Haskell : Haskell is a purely functional programming language with type inference and lazy evaluation. Designed for a wide range of applications, Haskell has pioneered a number of advanced programming language features such as type classes, which enable type-safe operator overloading.
  2. Plutus : The Plutus Platform is the smart contract platform of the Cardano blockchain. It is based on the Haskell language.
  3. eUTXO : As opposed to the account model on Ethereum blockchain, Cardano uses eUTXO model (The extended Unspent Transaction Output model) which is based on Bitcoin’s UTXO model, and just adds a datum to the transaction, i.e., contract-specific information.

Product Roadmap:

6) The ADADAO protocol relies on a number of external actors, can you go over what Keepers, Oracles, as well as Global Settlers are?


Keepers are market participants who assist AUSD in maintaining its Target Price ($1) by selling AUSD when the market price is above the Target Price and buying AUSD when the market price is below the Target Price in the ADADAO Protocol. When ADADAO Vaults are liquidated, Keepers engage in Surplus Auctions, Debt Auctions, and Collateral Auctions. Keepers can be individuals trying to do arbitrage or they can be arbitrage bots doing the same task.

Oracles :

In order to determine when to initiate Liquidations, the ADADAO Protocol requires real-time information regarding the market price of the collateral assets in ADADAO Vaults.

The Protocol’s internal collateral values are derived through a decentralized Oracle infrastructure made up of a large number of unique nodes known as Oracle Feeds. ADAO voters select a collection of reliable Feeds to send price data to the system They also have control over the number of Feeds in the set.

The ADADAO Protocol takes price inputs through the Oracle Verification Module (OVM), rather than directly from the Oracles, to secure the system against an attacker attempting to obtain control of a majority of the Oracles. If an Oracle is hacked, the OVM, which acts as a layer of defence between the Oracles and the Protocol, delays the price for one hour, allowing Emergency Oracles or a ADADAO Governance vote to freeze it. ADAO holders make decisions about Emergency Oracles and the length of the price delay.

Global Settlers (Emergency Oracles): ADAO voters choose Emergency Oracles, who serve as a final line of defence against attacks on the governance process or other Oracles.

Because they have the capacity to unilaterally start an Emergency Shutdown, Emergency Oracles can freeze specific Oracles to reduce the danger of a significant number of clients attempting to withdraw their assets from the ADADAO Protocol in a short amount of time.

7) Where are you planning to list your token?

We will have multiple listings on the TGE date. We can confirm Pancakeswap and Bitmart for now, but many more CEX listings are also planned.

8) Can you explain interest free borrowing and how this differentiates yourself from others?

The protocol basically runs on a Smart Contract which is always collateralized. As such, taking interest on loans taken in this manner is not justified.

Our protocol does not force the users to hurry to return the loan as long as they can maintain the collateral.

9) What are your business plans in Asia?

Our protocol is interest free and as such an attractive investment opportunity for MENA region. We are in talks with multiple VCs from China who are ready to jump in and help us in the Chinese market. We also have VC partners from Thailand,Indoensia , Vietnam and South Korea who are assisting us in these markets. Overall, we are very positive about the Asian market. Our partners will be announced shortly.

10) Can you share an inspiring quote for our members? We want to learn from you.

Crypto is still at its infancy. Focus more on learning and developing.

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency is a revolution greater than you can imagine. Cryptocurrency(Blockchain) is directly proportional to technology and technology is not looking back.

Rise of Cryptocurrency proves that people want to get back the power they deserve.

All organizations around the world will eventually turn into a DAO and Adadao is a pioneer of it. We encourage democracy over authority.

Stablecoins are on a rise. Adadao is perfectly blended to be above the rest.

1) Can you tell us about DAO teams, as well as the roles they play?

DAOs are typically not completely autonomous — someone needs to create decision frameworks to ensure a DAO is governed effectively and financially incentivize network participants to participate so the DAO can grow. Two major roles of the DAO team members includes:

· Assisting in financial risk research and

· Draft proposals for on boarding new collateral and regulating existing collateral.

2) Collateral Auctions, can you explain in more detail about this part of your EcoSystem?

The ADADAO Protocol’s auction procedures allow the system to liquidate Vaults even when price data for the collateral is unavailable. The ADADAO Protocol takes the liquidated Vault collateral and sells it via an internal market-based auction process at the point of liquidation. This process is known as Collateral Auction.

3)What other FIAT Pegged Stable Coins might you be looking to work within in the future?

For now, AUSD is our prime concern.

4)Are you a registered DAO entity? Where are you registered?

There is no registration kind of stuff. DAO which means “Decentralized Autonomous Organization”, doesn’t have a legal realization yet as crypto is still not a regulated field.

5)Why choose ADA?

Cardano is one of the most secure with clean architecture and thoroughly tested. This blockchain is pioneered and worked upon by great tech leaders and scientists doing tireless research on Cardano which gives it a upper hand over other blockchains.

6)You mention as well in your white paper a black swan event, can you tell our users about this event and how you protect the DAO from something such as this?

A black swan incident is a rare and serious system-wide surprise strike on the ADADAO Protocol. ADADAO Protocol’s careful design (the Liquidation Ratio, Debt Ceilings, Governance Security Module, Oracle Security Module, Emergency Shutdown, and so on) combined with good governance (quick response in a crisis, thoughtful risk parameters, and so on) help to prevent or mitigate the potentially severe consequences of an attack.

7) What Auditing firms do you have plans on using when it comes to making sure your project is secure from outside hacking events?

No such auditing firms have been contacted yet however we can promise that we will choose from the best.

8) Your ADADAO holders do have a voting ability, can you tell our listeners what they have the chance of having an impact on?

ADAO holders have the option to vote on the following:

Add a new collateral asset type with a unique set of Risk Parameters.

Change the Risk Parameters of one or more existing collateral asset types, or add new Risk Parameters to one or more existing collateral asset types.

Choose the set of Oracle Feeds.

Choose the set of Emergency Oracles.

Trigger Emergency Shutdown.

Upgrade the system.

9) Are people limited to one Vault at a time when it comes to their own personal involvement?

Interacting with vault has no relation with personal involvement.

10) Who are your backers? Investors?

Cardence — IDO partner

Development partner — METALAMP —

Marketing partner — KRYPTONITE — .

Everyone who are participating in our IDOs are our investors.