Monthly updates are as follows :-

Successfully raised around $300k worth of $ADA in private sale of

Adadao public sale on was sold out successfully.

Adadao raised around $31k in private rounds on

Adadao had multiple fundraising rounds on

Adadao had more than 25 YouTube videos with top influencers in multiple languages

We partnered with top venture capitals like SkyX ventures, Lazy Rich Society, Krypto Playboy Capital, Insider Ventures, Altamira Crypto Capital and Empire Capital.

AMA in top TG groups like Crypto revolution, ICO Pantera, Satoshi Club , Crypto Vietnam , Blockdesk

Adadao got mentioned by IOHK.

Adadao partnered with ICO Pantera, the world’s leading growth accelerator.

Coinswap announced a public sale for Adadao.

Adadao gave 4 technical updates for the month of February.

Promoted on and articles and banner on



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